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S2C Practitioner

Katlyn Billue

Katlyn recently moved to the DMV area and joined GKTC as an S2C Practitioner in February of 2022. Originally from Florida, Katlyn worked with the nonspeaking community as a certified occupational therapy assistant at Interplay Therapy Center as well as a teacher and CRP at Invictus Academy Tampa Bay. She is passionate about the idea of presuming competence in both the Speller's brains and their bodies. She also enjoys being a motor specialist - breaking down exercises and motor tasks to meet the level of each unique client.

In addition to her work at GKTC, she also works as a mentor for I-ASC, training new S2C practitioners. She loves being a part of expanding access to reliable communication. When she is not working within the S2C community, she is reading, hanging out with her dog, eating good food, and seeking out new adventures.