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At Growing Kids Therapy Center we teach individuals with motor difficulties to coordinate their brain and body to communicate by spelling.

Who We Are

Growing Kids Therapy Center is dedicated to teaching non-speaking, minimally speaking and unreliably speaking individuals how to Spell to Communicate (S2C). GKTC has an interdisciplinary team that includes speech language pathology, occupational therapy, and education to meet the needs of our clients with motor and sensory differences. We believe that communication and motor control leads to autonomy, independence and inclusion.


In Our Center

We work in individual sessions to teach the motor skills necessary to spell to communicate. Once communication skills have been acquired, we offer opportunities for clients to work in groups to further develop motor, regulation and fluency with peers. Within individual and group sessions, clients are able to work on purposeful and meaningful motor activities in order to manage their bodies, become more self-controlled and independent.


In Your Community

We believe in the power of community. GKTC professionals are available to serve your community. We offer outreaches, consults, online classes and trainings to suit your community’s needs.


Our Training Programs

Rigorous training is critical to successful implementation of Spelling to Communicate (S2C). We have created the Accessing Community through Spelling (ACTS) training programs to equip professionals, schools, parents or one-on-one communication partners with the skills they need to communicate with nonspeaking individuals.

Just completed 4 of the 5 sessions in our first outreach workshop with Elizabeth and the GKTC team. My mind is reeling and I am nearly giddy with the sense of possibility for our son (who hasn't stopped grinning ear to ear ever since we started yesterday).  


This is a fantastic community of therapists and families. Elizabeth has created a thriving community offering so much beyond spelling to communicate. Chess, strategy gaming, crafting, music, Spanish, social groups and community outreach are all part of GKTC. We are thrilled to be a part of this group.


What we've achieved through the letter boards - even though we are only at the start of our journey - has changed EVERYTHING about how we parent Tom and how he is treated in general. He's been able to prove his academic ability, his comprehension at school. We now know that he hears everything and is constantly learning. 


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