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Join the movement, and let us help you build your nonspeaking community. Find out more about how to support nonspeaking individuals through our professional services.

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What's Available

Accessing Community Through Spelling

Parent Cohort

An online course for parents that meets twice a month for 5 months. We teach you about purposeful motor, lesson writing, anxiety, and motor loops, self commands, working through dysregulation, standing meltdowns, and EMPOWERING not enabling.  To find out more information and when the next cohort starts please email,


We periodically offer workshops on specific skills. We are happy to customize a workshop to meet the needs of your Spellers and community.

Communication Regulation Partner (CRP) Coaching

We love to coach parents, siblings, support staff, and others as one-on-one CRPs. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Presentations & Seminars

Elizabeth Vosseller and the GKTC team is available to speak at your professional event, seminar, and conferences. 

For S2C Practitioner Training please email


We do this frequently and would be happy to assist you in establishing communication with other people in your child’s life. If you have regular appointments already with one of our practitioners, simply mention this need to them, and it can be arranged. If you don’t already have regularly scheduled appointments, please email us at, and we can offer either in-person or Zoom training for anyone you choose.

We offer a Parent Cohort that is designed to grow your foundation of knowledge about S2C. Over ten bi-weekly classes, it teaches theory (e.g., anxiety, loops, regulation) and application (e.g., writing lessons, teaching through visual/ kinesthetic/auditory/tactile modes); and covers the many other roles of communication partners. It is appropriate for a wide range of fluency levels, but it is not an introductory or “how to” course on using the letter boards, as it is intended for those who have already begun with a registered S2C practitioner. Check our events page to see when the next one is scheduled to begin, or fill out this form to be notified when registration opens for the next available course.

Give us a call to discuss an online seminar lead by one of our Practitioners or how to plan an in-person outreach in your community.