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S2C Practitioner

Christie Phillips

Christie Phillips is a Registered Spelling to Communicate practitioner with 20 years of professional experience as an educator, instructor and professional musician. She completed her S2C clinical training in 2022. Beginning with an enlistment in the prestigious United States Navy Band Sea Chanters Chorus, Christie spent those two decades as a singer/performer while simultaneously applying her musical and performing knowledge and experience to the art of teaching, both for individuals and groups, voice and piano. She has found the recipe for the S2C methodology to have a delightful similarity to what is needed for supporting voice and piano students as well - namely, the automation of motor skills guided and supported by sensory feedback and motivated by cognitively stimulating material. Christie holds two music degrees including an MM in Voice Pedagogy from George Mason University.

Christie is a “girl mom” to three and her hobbies include learning bits of foreign languages, making yogurt at home and balancing upside down with her new headstand toy. She is beyond thrilled to be part of the team at GKTC!