S2C Parent Cohort

The S2C Parent Cohort is for parents of kids and adults who spell to communicate. This is an online course taught twice a month (morning or evening sessions available) over the course of five months by S2C Practitioner Kelly Berg.

10 Webinars, each 1 hour and 30 minutes long, with discussions that will cover the following topics:
● Strategies for Structuring Time at Home
● Purposeful Motor Through VAKT
● Lesson Writing
● Creative Curriculum
● Anxiety & Motor Loops
● Self Commands
● Working Through Dysregulation
● Understanding Meltdowns and Shutdowns
● Empowering Not Enabling
● Advocacy

The cost is $750. Spaces are limited, so sign up ASAP!
Email contact@growingkidstherapy.com to reserve your spot today!