Tribe Honors the Mothers of the Spelling Community

In March, members of Growing Kid Therapy Center‘s Tribe began planning an art project honoring their mothers, and the mothers and motherly figures of the spelling community. They decided to focus on plants for the image that would be recreated with donated recycled materials, and the brainstorming began with coming up with words to describe their moms: protective, tireless, gentle, fierce, and vibrant. They researched different types of plants and what they represented, and settled on the yellow cactus flower, and wrote the following dedication.

They began by soliciting donations from the GKTC community for various recycled materials, and once the donation began pouring in (thank you parents and community members!), devoted time each week to painting and embellishing their individual canvasses. After months of hard work, they came up with ideas for a reception where the artwork would finally be revealed, including a photo booth complete with flower bouquets, bunting, tea, and cookies and other treats! Invitations were sent out, and on Monday the big reveal FINALLY took place!

To say the mom’s were delighted would be an understatement! If you find yourself at GKTC, make sure you have a stop in Phoenix to admire the hard work and amazing creativity that went into this collaborative art project.

Check out more photos of the mom’s and members of Tribe below!