GKTC Eggstravaganza Egg Drop!

Growing Kids Therapy Center’s STEM-focused Summer Institute is in full swing! This week, our group met for an Eggciting Physics Eggstravaganza, and kicked off the week with some eggsperiments. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Can you tell the difference between a raw egg and a hard-boiled egg just by spinning them? Can you figure out how to fit a large egg through the top of a small bottle without damaging it? How can you make an egg defy gravity? Our guys know the answer to these questions and more!

Firefighters carried eggs in various contraptions to the roof of the station, including Harold Henson, Eggward, Queen EGGlizabeth, the EGGinator 200, and other unnamed eggs!

There were a few failures, and even more successes, and ALL of the GKTC student’s eggs survived the fall with NO CRACKS! Check out video of the drop below!

Thank you again to our EGGstremely EGGmazing Herndon firefighters for making this event such a success! We will be doing this event again August 13-15 for our younger group, so if you missed out, contact Julie at to sign up!