Lucid Dreaming: Let’s Talk Lucidity

Have you ever started dreaming and suddenly realized that you were in a dream? Have you ever managed to gain control over your dream narrative? If your answer to either of these is “yes,” you have experienced what is called lucid dreaming. If your answer is “no,” it is still possible to learn how to gain consciousness in your dreams! 

Now, to take it a step further, did you know that lucid dreaming has practical applications? That’s right; you can practice skills in your dreams! Not only that, studies show that the practice in your dreams carries over into your performance while you are awake. Here at GKTC, we have been using a lesson on lucid dreaming with some of our clients and thought it would be fun to share some of their answers with you! 

Choose a skill you would want to practice in a lucid dream and write about how you would do it

spelling to communicat“I already spell in my lucid dreams. Once I started this lesson, I knew it would be a phenomenal way to practice spelling. I implemented it immediately. I was flabbergasted by its quick effect. I want all spellers to know about this awesome way to practice. Understand that it’s not going to substitute the real thing, but it’s never a bad thing to get extra practice in. Come do this lesson so you can learn how to live and escape our body’s chains in our sleep.” – Mike Saucedo

If you could lucid dream, what fun activity would you do in your dreams?

skydiving“One exciting thing to try would be skydiving. Maybe my body will cooperate with my brain and let me jump. That wouldn’t happen awake, my body would stop me from jumping. Would like to try tandem when my mom lets me take more risks. Someday.” -Zach Calsetta

“Yes, it is possible for me to lucid dream. The ability to control my dreams just comes really naturally to me. I, since learning to sleep and control my dreams, have used them to practice spelling.” -Sam Becker

museums“I would take trips to visit friends [fellow spellers] and family and go to visit interesting places like museums.” -Siddharth Kanakpalli 

beaches“Like the idea of maybe going down to really nice beaches in my dreams enjoying sand and sun while I sleep.” -David Knight


Contact us at to schedule a session to come in and do this incredible lesson with us. It can benefit those who already have lucid dreams, as you can explore information on how to have them more or discuss skills you’d like to practice. It’s also great for those that don’t but would like to start! 


Katlyn BillueKatlyn Billue is an S2C Practitioner, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, and Mentor for I-ASC. She loves to gain insight into the personalities of the Spellers by hearing the variety of answers and perspectives that arise out of the same question in a lesson.


Special thanks to Estelle Cubbin, South African Practitioner in Training, for writing the lesson that has inspired these amazing insights!